Monday, September 12, 2011

Our nature walk and cave exploring.

SoOoOoO we have the CUTEST little park by our house with 3 caves you can explore. One of them is a wide mouth cave with water coming out of the entry way. The water is freezing cold all year around but the kids don't seem to mind to much. The other 2 you can walk right into and  if you have a flashlight it helps but  can walk all the way to the back of them. There are bats which kind of creep the kids out but what is a cave without bats?!  They also have an amazing little trail to take a nature walk on. The kids get to see all kinds of animals and plant life plus they feel like they are in the middle of the forest and on a big hike. Here are some pictures of our nature walk / cave exploring from today.


  1. When they get a little older you need to try the caves that you may have to crawl in!Lol Plenty of them around too! We went one year and ended up in one that was nothing but clay on the bottom WET clay!!. The boy scouts coming out were covered head to toe in it!Lol We didnt go that far back to have to crawl. I can only handle going so far in because I get claustrophobic!!.... They all laugh at me.. Meanies..;)

  2. Me and my Hubby went spelunking with some friends. Its a ton of fun but if you think about what your doing to deeply your brain will start to freak out. Lol. We went so far under the ground and found little cracks and crevices to crawl through to see giants rooms way far back in there. I have pics on my Facebook I believe. Kids will def have to be older before I get brave enough for them to do that. Lol. :@)