Thursday, September 8, 2011

Baby or no baby?

Well lately all my kids have been able to talk about is wanting a little mini baby (there words not mine) The boys say they only want one if its a boy and sariya says she only wants one if its a girl. SoOoO I have worked my butt of trying to talk them out of these crazy things! I mean gosh we are already a family of 5. One more and I would never be able to own a normal sized car! LOL I know I know not the biggest thing to worry about. Well this morning joshua started in again saying he wished he has a little mini baby and wish I had a video of how our conversation went but i might do a mini interview with him later and i am sure we will get just as much of a kick out of it cause his brains comes up with the funniest stuff naturally.
Well anyways it went like this Joshua says "*sigh* I wish we had a little mini baby so I could give it the baby books on my shelf." I said "Yeah but you know that babies cry ALOT right?" Joshua without even hesitating to think about it says "Yeah but I could just put your shooting pink ear covers on" (my ear plugs for shooting) and I said "Well you know they poop alot and it stinks right?" Joshua says "Yeah but you would change the diapers not me." I said  "You know there alot of work right?" He said "Yeah but I am such a hard worker boy!" I couldn't sway him to my side so I just said "Go talk to your father." LOL!I don't know what were gunna do with these kids.

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  1. LOL! Just dont let anyone mention praying for a "mini-baby" to them! They are so cute!