Thursday, September 8, 2011

Does milk from cows given rBGH hormone affect the milk or not?

So the big controversy right now is does milk from cows given rBGH growth hormone affect our families. One of my fav post that I have found on this topic that i believe is somewhat fair to both sides is

 EarthTalk: Do Hormones Given to Cows Make Milk Unsafe? | Environment | AlterNet

There is obviously a quick effect that shows up in our cows. Making up to 50% greater incidences for infections of lameness and hoof problems and 25% get udder infections like mastitis and major reproductive issues which in return means they will be giving them even more antibiotics. Which also means you will be giving your family more antibiotics and hormones through there milk. There have also been studies which have proven since we ingest so many antibiotics through our milk and meat that it is effecting our ability to fight off diseases since our bodies find a way to bypass things if it gets them on a regular basis. They have found that humans who consume milk with rBGH to have a higher lever of IGF-1  and more prone to Breast, prostate, colon and many other cancers. There thought and ideas are that our natural protection from early cancerous cells is blocked by consuming IGF-1.
For this reason I have decided to switch my family from cow milk provided by companies that give there cows rBGH to all natural organic milk. Cows which are not only kept from getting the rBGH but also who don't take antibiotics of any kind. The farmers who choose to keep there cows organic choose natural ways of healing there cows ailments.

So far my children haven't noticed a change of the taste AT ALL. Even though the package is different they adapted right away. The 2nd day we had switched to the organic milk I asked my son caleb who is 2 1/2 to get me the milk out of the fridge, he immediately grabbed the organic container with no question. I was amazed at how the kids didn't care that the package had changed or what it looked like as long as they got there milk. LOL. We chose the 2% horizen or the 2% great value brand. They both taste just like regular milk with the exception of a slightly stronger after taste. (I am actually the only one who noticed this) everyone else in my family say im just crazy and that there is no taste diffrence. :@)

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  1. Not to mention that regular milk has most every thing taken out then they add back powdered milk.. We call store bought milk white water!Lol Also your pastuerized milk has all enzymes killed off in it so that your body cant digest it properly. I am a raw milk advocate!!lol.. Diseases passed on in milk didnt start showing up till they started overcrowding and trying to produce more milk in smaller areas. So their solution instead of making the cows healthier/cleaner was to kill everything off in the milk good and bad. We do get something from the milk if its pastuerized but its not the healthiest version of milk.. I could go on and on about milk! Organic Cow's milk is good , grass fed raw cow's milk is better but Raw Goat's milk is the best..;)