Thursday, June 14, 2012

A new way of life.

Well our family has been overwhelmed (as I am sure you all have lately) by the health issues of today food choices. Things we always viewed as basic and safe are now being proved to be quite the opposite. When you go to a restaurant you always want the option of being able to peek into the kitchen…. very few of you actually do but I bet if there was signs at the door saying "No one is allowed to view the kitchen!" You would *gasp* and say "Oh I don't think so! How dare you not let me see where my food is prepared!" Well of course they're not going to put that out there but I am sure there are some things they don't want you to see and the fact is there are things you know of but don't WANT to see. We know alot of our food choices are down right HORRIBLE but yet we still choose to take our families to those place and cook those kinds of food. I am as guilty as guilty gets but convenience  and price plays a big part in our day to day life and excuses aside it is a process like any other to break out of bad unhealthy habits and form new healthy cleansing ones but I would love to hear some of your guys steps you have taken to get away from the salmonella infested, hormone injected, insecticide and chemical over ridden food that there trying to sell your family now days.  I will be sharing with you guys in the next few posts the things that we are doing in our family and if you would like to be involved or have any helpful advice be sure and let me know. :@)


  1. I cant wait to see how things go in your adventure!

  2. Loren,
    I have found that when you replace the main staples in your kitchen such as flour, eggs (if you don't have egg allergies),milk, it's easy to just add in organic veggies and don't forget herbs, and fruit too. It's fun cooking heathy fresh foods for your family. It's healing health issues before you have an out break of sickness.
    I suggest enzymes for the foods that aren't whole. You know for those slip UPS where time and budgets interfere with our diets. Enzymes help us digest foods that our bodies were not designed to eat.

    1. So true! I am definatly trying to do this one step at a time is better than not at all. :@)