Saturday, June 30, 2012

ChiCks on the loose!!

We move these chicken trailers a few times a day so the chicks can get fresh bugs and grass. Oh did I said "we" what I really mean is ben and josh I just sit back and watch! Great team work guys! LOL! Well anyways when you move the chicken tractors you have to raise up the front and pull it to a fresh spot, The chickens are learning this move well and as soon as they see an opening they like to go crazy, escape and run all over the place and once they escape they do everything in their power to keep from being captured. It really is funny to watch someone chase this little tiny chicken all over the place. I was amazed at how fast they really are and how good they are at not being caught! Thank goodness my quick thinking mother-in-law grabbed the camera to get some pictures of this.

She got one!

Here chickie chickie!!

Get in there chickie!

I think I got him!

Yup sure did! One proud boy.

Its a team effort to catch these little boogers!

Here is my family in all our country bumpkin rednecking glory. LOL. We look a hot mess but hey what did you expect after running around chasing chickens all day

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