Friday, June 15, 2012

Here chickie chickie!!

 Our newest adventure in the clean food movement is trying to figure out where is the best place to get the best chicken for our family. As a family of 6 with multiple guest over for dinner quite a bit we have decided that the best place to get good, clean, wholesome chicken is the same place you can get all of your other food that way, by doing it yourself or from a local reliable source. So we bought 100 of these little cuties. 

(The chicken not the child. LoL!)

We took them out of there boxes and put them in there new clean little home they ran around like wild children on crack just chirping away! 

Everyone was so excited and the kids love how cute and fluffy they are.

The chicks huddled together to get warm and use to there new home.

Here they are with their feeder and water. We have chosen to feed them with food made from non GMO organic substances (i.e., organic corn, organic oats, organic milo, & organic alfalfa…). We would eventually like to make our own chicken feed so we know exactly where it its from and what the chickens are eat.  After all you are what you eat. These chickens are feed the non GMO organic feed exclusively for the first 2 weeks in the brooder to grow big and strong, We then are going to free range them in a chicken trailer which is moved everyday so the chickens can get fresh grass and bugs but that will be for another post. 

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