Monday, June 25, 2012

On an Adventure!

Have you ever seen a little boys face light up when you tell them we are about to go on an ADVENTURE!? It the cutest thing ever and a boys dream come true. My son joshua loves to watch, listen to, and hear about adventures and is always talking about going on one. Just like the adventures of tin tin which is his and has always been one of my husbands favorite movies. 
SoOoOoOo we did. :@)

They ran along the creeks little bank to get see what they could discover. 

They found some fish and even a few crawdads! 

Real men take there babies on adventures.  :@) Just kidding!
 but they do carry there babies so their wife can take all the pictures. 

We found a CAVE!!!(ok ok ok so we knew it was there when we drove to it) 
but the kids were soooooo excited! They found a cave! 

The ran around and did more exploring.

There they go!

I def think there favorite part was seeing what they could find in the water.

The places our mini van goes! LOL!


  1. Love adventures like this.. Those Minivans are the best!!

  2. I don't know what I would do without my mini-van!! Except stay home. LOL!